Pisco sour may be a popular cocktail, but we believe it is the least enjoyable way to drink a good pisco, because the sugar and lemon overwhelm the more subtle flavours of the pisco itself.

The best way to drink Pisco Monteluz is neat, as an after dinner drink, in the company of great friends and listening to great music.

The best glass to use is a bowl-shaped glass. You could use a brandy snifter, a large one to leave plenty of room for your nose. Failing that, a wine glass will do very well, so long as you are able to get your nose into it and really enjoy the fragrance.

   Prior to serving Pisco Monteluz, pour recently boiled water into your glass, swirl it for a few seconds, then throw away the water.  Aside from taking away any undesirable residues in the glass, this will heat up the glass, allowing for those first fragrances to really intensify when you serve the pisco. Drinking pisco is an olfactory experience first of all. 

So, bring the glass to your nose and take in the delightful aromas.  As you do this a couple of times, you will find yourself getting deeper and deeper into the experience, feeling like you are drinking in the aromas. When you are ready, take the first sip of pisco into your mouth, and enjoy...